Thursday, October 28, 2010


City Commissioner Amanda Fritz helps out in Elliot Neighborhood

Way back before Fall term began, on Saturday September 26th
SLS held a day of service aimed at getting incoming PSU 
students involved with various service opportunities in their community.  
40 students embarked on journeys to 4 different sites.

2 different groups went to separate Habitat for Humanity sites

Another group did graffiti removal in Portland's Elliot Neighborhood

Jayde Wright leads a reflection

We had one other group working with SOLV removing weeds from Tryon Creek 
(Not many Photos)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


In class, SLS students started a project called - "I do this because..."

Partner site, LEP Charter High School, inspired the class with their student project "Why I do what I do..."

-we decided to share the results -

Party Party in the Park Park- Engages 90 students

Every year, Portland State University's Student Activity and Leadership Program (S.A.L.P.) puts on "Party in the Park" and "Party Near the Park."  Both events are great momentum builders for programs and Student Groups on campus.  This year, SLS tabled at party in the park generating interest in service opportunities.  We had 90 emails and signatures of students who are interested in getting involved with various projects.

In addition to adding 90 new emails to our email list we also took the opportunity to ask passing students "what service is important to you?"

Of the list students added

Energy Renewal
Helping the Environment
Removing invasive species
Helping the animals of the homeless
Living a life of service (in all aspects)
Teaching and mentoring youth
Generating Waste Awareness
Promoting Public Art
Native people issues
Visiting and Caring for the Elderly
Encouraging Diversity Awareness
                                                      Combating Oppression
                                                      Aiding under privileged with Legal Help
                                                      Neighborhood Clean-Up
                                                      Restoring Natural Creeks and Watersheds

Friday, October 1, 2010

Student Leaders for Service Accept MacJanet Awards in Beautiful Talloires France

This Summer the MacJannet Foundation - "Building a Community of Global Citizens"

serving under the umbrella of the Talloires Network

of Tufts University awarded 8 university programs for excellence in their dedication to Civic Service.  In the photographs above Program Co-Director, Amy Spring and team lead Jon Hurst, are pictured accepting the award on behalf of PSU's Student Leaders for Service.  Included in the photos are the other award recipients including universities from

Hong Kong
Cape Town, Africa
Santiago, Chile
and Dublin, Ireland.

The ceremony lasted 4 days, in the tiny village of Talloires, just outside of Annecy - located on the SouthWest Corner of France, one hour away from Geneva Switzerland.  Topics of discussion ranged from

Creating global citizenship without having students travel abroad
How policy effects our programs
The importance of "CRITICAL CITIZENSHIP,"

and much much more.

SLS was honored to be selected among such elite programs!  The recognition of the work we do here locally by the MacJannet foundation has been a tremendous reminder that our efforts to engage our communities is a worthy cause to champion and that we are not alone in our struggles.  The fire and spirit of SLS is burning brightly all around the globe and we for one are are encouraged to continue fanning the flames.

Thank you Talloires Network, Tufts University, MacJannet Foundation and all the brothers and sisters who continually carry the torch of working together toward the greater cause of the common good.